How To Make Lawn Mower In Little Alchemy 2?

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Lawn mower is described in the official Little Alchemy 2 guide as: The instrument of grass barbers.

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If you are a new player on the Little Alchemy 2 game, you may need to start with the most basic elements and work your way through them step by step.

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Recipes For Making Lawn Mower

Little Alchemy 2 has attracted countless players with its unique synthesis and experience.

There is more than one way to craft most items in the game, and the crafting of lawn mower is no exception.

Let’s take a look at all the recipes for making lawn mower in Little Alchemy 2:

how to make lawn-mower in little alchemy2

How to Synthesize Lawn Mower with Scythe and Electricity Step by Step?

Step #1: Select scythe from the right panel and drag it gently to the center of the workspace.

Step #2: Then drag electricity to the workspace in the same way and place it on top of scythe.

Then we see that both scythe and electricity have disappeared, because they have been successfully combined lawn mower.

  • scythe
  • add
  • electricity

Meaning of The Constituent Elements

Each element has a different meaning – that’s what makes Little Alchemy 2 so appealing to a large number of gamers.

Understanding the meaning of [‘electricity’, ‘scythe’, ‘field’, ‘helicopter’, ‘grass’, ‘machine’, ‘tool’, ‘motion’, ‘windmill’] helps players understand the logic of synthesizing lawn-mower?

electricity: Charged particles, or as it’s more technically known: THE POWER OF THE GODS.

scythe: A deadly tool against grass that is often wielded by death itself.

field: Land ripe for planting.

helicopter: When someone takes a Bond villain’s death machine and turns it into a vehicle.

grass: Nature’s carpet.

machine: An apparatus performing a particular task using mechanical power, and which possibly has murderous intentions toward its creators.

tool: A device used to achieve a goal, like a hammer to pound a nail or a Skynet to eliminate humanity.

motion: When something or someone is moved or moving (physically, not emotionally).

windmill: Wind-powered grain grinder.

Walkthrough Video

If the tips above still don’t get you through, then follow the video below to make lawn-mower in Little Alchemy 2:

What Element You Can Make With Lawn mower?


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