About Me

Hi, I’m Alia, a Little Alchemy 2 fanatic.

I usually play challenging puzzle games like Little Alchemy 2, Wordscapes, Word Connect, Donut County, Monument Valley, The Room 3, etc. I remember the first mobile game I played was Angry Birds, which was very popular back then.

I’m a mobile test engineer by profession, and I came across Little Alchemy 2 by accident during a project test, and the vibrant art style and the native album hooked me.

Alia Ketchen
Alia Ketchen

In playing Little Alchemy 2, I know that getting stuck in the game is time-consuming, frustrating, and anxious. Still, we have something to look forward to in the following game levels and hope to synthesize hundreds of other items.

So I thought how nice it would be if a website or guide unlocked all the items.

I have found official tips and similar guides sites before, but I thought they didn’t do a good job, so I wanted to improve them, so littlealchemy2-guide.com was created.

Little Alchemy2 enthusiasts can find all the recipes and detailed steps you want here. I hope it will help those eager to pass Little Alchemy 2.

It is much more joyful to share the joy than enjoy it alone!

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If you have any questions about painting, You can contact me: